Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter time!

This past weekend was Easter and it was a beautiful weekend. The weather was warm and sunny, different from the flurries and chill we are feeling right now:/ On Saturday morning we had the New Hope Eggnormous hunt that I signed up to help with. So G and I decided to take advantage of the nice weather and run/walk to the church to help before the hunt began. It was humid out so my hair was huge by the time we got there and G complained of being "so sweaty". What does she know about being sweaty:) Luke and Ace K showed up a little later before the hunt began. It was so nice to see all happy kids excited to get hunting. I took G and Luke took Ace to their age areas. Luke said Ace was only after an "urnge egg" (Orange egg). He got it and then was done so Luke had to help point out eggs to go get. G on the other hand told me she was ready to go home right as the horn blew. She wouldn't go out alone so I grabbed her hand and helped her go get a few. She was done before it started! Lucky girl Chloe won a random prize and one of the grand prizes, a pogo stick! She was completely unfazed by it. We ran to Salina afterwards to Old Navy and a bike shop. We are looking into getting some new road bikes so we can get out and do something active together. Bikes are so expensive! Yikes! We didn't find anything that jumped out at us but at least have an idea where to start.
   Sunday was a beautiful Easter. We went to the service at church. They did a drama play that was so perfect for where I am in life. It really hit home with me and made me shed a few tears. G was really into it as well and still asks questions about it. We got Nana B after church and headed over to moms for lunch afterwards. The lunch was the usual, amazing! We did a hunt for the kids after we ate and they loaded up on sugar! It was a great day, but can't expect any less for celebrating the day Jesus is risen!
Cutest little girly bunny

Cutest little boy bunny and Pup:)

G gathering her eggs

Our Resurrection Garden in full bloom!


We planted "magic jelly beans" that came in the "mail" and they bloomed lollies on Easter! The kids totally believed it:)

Posing by their surprise lollies:)

We had to borrow Nana's car since my starter went out and Ace loved how the seat slid around as we turned the corners! (Yes he was buckled in!)

Buddies napping♥

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  1. I love the pictures of them being little bunnies :) Their little tails are so cute!
    Can't wait to see you all! Love you.